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The underpinnings of Fabric will be based in distributed logic. Given the complexity of the topic, it makes sense to adopt a formalized logic to describe protocol behaviors. For example, the declarative language Bloom seems to provide a strong foundation upon which to construct distributed protocols. The published paper has more details that help explain the necessary primitives.


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We'd also like a plugin to support <keygen>, or just cryptographic identity in general! If only we could do it without Javascript...

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4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

I deeply agree with the need for a formalized logic, if not at least a grammar. I've begun to outline some of my thoughts on this in martindale/maki#79, which is a necessary component for "service contract" representation to peers. I'm really leaning towards standardizing the ES6 class structure with a standard set of decorators and function names – but I'll be deferring that work unless someone else would like to take it on.

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Needs more cats.

For now, we require a user account to participate. If you'd like to change this, look at martindale/converse#7.

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