4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

I've just deployed a new branch that contains some experimental Bitcoin payment functionality, replacing the traditional upvote/downvote mechanic. Comments welcome.


For now, we require a user account to participate.

Heads up!

Registering won't immediately log you in — you'll need to do so manually. If you want to fix this, check the official GitHub issue for this problem.

We'd also like a plugin to support <keygen>, or just cryptographic identity in general! If only we could do it without Javascript...

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4 years agoby subsumizeat difficulty 2

Obviously I love this. Well done, Eric!

4 years agoby fractaloopat difficulty 2

Nice work! As Bitcoin's support for micropayments grows, this will undoubtedly become even better.

4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

Some updates! I've deployed a new version of converse that allows for both upvotes and downvotes, which function identically – in the event of a first-time vote, they now spend 1 bit from the user account, giving it to the content poster. If the user is voting for a second time, it updates the existing vote, with no movement of funds.

As of this moment, the UI provides instant feedback with no regards to the "vote update" behavior – a refresh will always reflect the correct values.

4 years agoby sp0rkyd0rkyat difficulty 2

This is a really neat idea. I'm not sure the extent of what is actually functional yet, but I seem to be able to infinitely upvote and donate.

I like the idea if allowing users to upvote for free and perhaps "buy" a higher weighted upvote by donating. It would seem to be a barrier to the voting mechanism if users are required to spend funds in order to participate.

For now, we require a user account to participate. If you'd like to change this, look at martindale/converse#7.

Built with Maki and deployed to the Fabric network.

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