4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

There's a few different models for organizing content, ranging from distinct boards (which Reddit developed many communities around), to simply "tags" (a thread might have many of these). As of now, we have a single unified feed with one parent Post, and infinite hierarchical Comments.

What're the merits & drawbacks of these systems? What other options are there? What do you think would be optimal?


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4 years agoby overraat difficulty 2

I like this idea of using tags instead of distinct boards. I don't know if there should be a limit to the tags. People could vote on tags, the more votes a tag has the higher the score / weight of terms in search.

Maybe there could be some sort of content curation feature, create themed channels that consist of posts that you create or add to favorites. People could subscribe to either a user's channel or the user altogether. The difference would be that by subscribing to a user you could choose to subscribe to everything they post and/or every channel of theirs.

Just some things off the top of my head, would like to know what other people think.

4 years agoby unusualbobat difficulty 2

One of the more common changes across platforms in recent years has been a move to make it easier to filter out content you don't like. While that is good in some ways, it also leads to extremism by reinforcing all of your current opinions while filtering out all competing views. Tags would allow people to say 'I want posts with this tag, but not any with that tag' and therefore allow people to filter content they care about very easily, but would lead to bubbles (like tumblr's SJWs) very easily. Reddit has a half measure of grouping things into basically only one tag, meaning it may consist of other tags as well, but there's no way to know. This creates a lesser bubbling effect as it's much harder to ignore specific ideas altogether. Some gaming posts may contain ideas about gay marriage, some videos may contain content from the political party you don't like. It allows just enough content to filter through so that it is not entirely avoidable, unless you unsubscribe to that entire subreddit. There certainly are those who specifically unsubscribe from subreddits to avoid certain content, but they also miss out on a lot of the content reddit has to offer.

For this reason I'd recommend going with boards rather than tags. Maybe a board can have multiple tags, but posts shouldn't?

4 years agoby sp0rkyd0rkyat difficulty 2

Wanted: a non-hierarchical comment system. Trolls of the world, unite!

4 years agoby Voratheat difficulty 2

Ability to group categories (tags, people, places, things, etc) together to create 'boards'; pinterest-like but with more focus on discussion. Forkable content, boards, etc.

4 years agoby toriborealisat difficulty 2

Can you show me visually how these look? Then I can tell you what is better. People like pretty things.

4 years agoby ak9000at difficulty 2

tags ftw, many-to-many grouping with no duplication of content (cross-posting)

4 years agoby subsumizeat difficulty 2

I look at it like following: Reddit's tags are called subreddits. And one submission can (must) have only one tag. I prefer a system where people can collaboratively tag submissions, not just the creator.

3 years agoby ChaoticMarinat difficulty 2

I feel like the "single unified feed" approach would inevitably result in a lack of focus that would prove harmful. Whether we use boards or tags is likely irrelevant, so long as both solutions allow the user to easily find posts of whatever topic they need.

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