We're experimenting with creating a replacement for the much-loved and yet perpetually-troubled Reddit. We have a vision for what we think the future looks like, and we're going to do everything we can to realize this vision. Converse, this platform, is our first step.

As a first principle, we're really excited to figure out how to make this a truly decentralized platform. We're not entirely sure what this looks like just yet, but we have some ideas. We're going to move in this direction as fast as we can, but there's surely some bigs steps we'll need to undertake to get there. We need the support of the community to figure out the answers to how a truly decentralized platform might work, so we'll be sharing our thoughts as much as possible to seek feedback.

One of the things we're building to make this happen is a new project, named Fabric. I originally talked about this when I left BitPay, but Fabric is intending to be a deploy target for Maki-powered applications. Maki applications will immediately gain the benefit of the Fabric network, with as few code or configuration changes as possible. More on Fabric later.

Another important question for us is that of sustainability. We'd like to reward the participants in the community directly, and this includes all types of positive behaviors – anything that is contributing value, equitable returns should be provided. We think this might pave the way for new models of commerce on the web, including peer-to-peer economics that might not yet have been invented.

This means an integral component to a tenable platform will be the integration of digital currencies. With the work that the Streamium team has done with Bitcoin-powered payment channels, we believe it is entirely possible to build a peer-to-peer network of economic actors that have no third parties and would therefore be economically viable where a traditional payment mechanism would not. Bitcoin's killer application just might be as an underlying protocol for commerce, and we're going to explore that option.

Can we do it? I believe so. We'll have to do it together, though.

For now, we require a user account to participate.

Heads up!

Registering won't immediately log you in — you'll need to do so manually. If you want to fix this, check the official GitHub issue for this problem.

We'd also like a plugin to support <keygen>, or just cryptographic identity in general! If only we could do it without Javascript...

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4 years agoby jameslwalpoleat difficulty 2

Congratulations, Converse team. Prepare for spontaneous orders to emerge from this. Should be a wonderful thing to see.

3 years agoby Patcharooat difficulty 2

Well you have the right draw for such a system

For now, we require a user account to participate. If you'd like to change this, look at martindale/converse#7.

Built with Maki and deployed to the Fabric network.

decentralize all the things.