4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

This is a fantastic essay – I really enjoyed this:

The conversations happening right now conference rooms at Conde Nast and Hearst this year, about merging Print and the Web, have been on frustrating repeat for at least ten years. The collapse of the newspaper industry is accelerating while maintaining an inverse relationship between the depth of cuts and the coverage they receive. The transition from web to apps, from sprawling web publishing to platform partnerships and captured competition, should it proceed long enough, is more profound than any of these people are prepared to deal with or, for now, acknowledge.

Thanks for sharing. Lots to think on in this one.

4 years agoby paul_xbtat difficulty 2

I actually bumped into the head of a small publisher (few hundred thousand subscribers) at a networking event tonight, and we talked at length about and how to avoid handing over control to the platforms :)

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