4 years agoby sp0rkyd0rkyat difficulty 2

This is a really neat idea. I'm not sure the extent of what is actually functional yet, but I seem to be able to infinitely upvote and donate.

I like the idea if allowing users to upvote for free and perhaps "buy" a higher weighted upvote by donating. It would seem to be a barrier to the voting mechanism if users are required to spend funds in order to participate.

4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

Yes, as of today there are no underlying funds to spend, but the idea is that you could give any content creator on the site any amount of funds, up to your current account balance. If the monetary balance ever came into play with regards to ranking, it'd almost certainly be on a logarithmic scale (the first 10 bits are worth the same as the next 100, etc.).

There's probably a convenient onboarding flow to be had around displaying a deposit address when you don't have sufficient funds to perform an action.

4 years agoby martindaleat difficulty 2

Okay, an update to this... I've added an accounting system, but it is not backed by Bitcoin just yet. These is a basic accounting system to demonstrate the user experience. Let's see how this goes.

For now, we require a user account to participate. If you'd like to change this, look at martindale/converse#7.

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